COVID-19 Update: Due to an increase in land owners seeking immediate liquidity, response times may be slightly affected. More info.

How it Works

We purchase large lots of land from sellers who are in need of liquidity and then split it up into smaller, more manageable plots for ownership. When you purchase a plot on you are purchasing directly from us. 

The typical process is as follows:

Carefully review the information and documentation in regards to the plots you are interested in and do your research. 

Once you have decided which plot to buy, you will be prompted to enter your information during the checkout process. Please put your legal name, or the legal name of the intended owner, and your address. Please note that this information will be public on land registries once the transfer is processed. 

Next, we will issue you a stamped Transfer of Title Certificate confirming the transfer of ownership to you via email within one week. Please allow for two weeks for receiving the physical copy in the mail. We will also begin the process of registering the transfer of ownership with the relevant land registry on your behalf. 

It may take some time for the relevant land registry to process and complete the registration of the the transfer; two months is common but in some cases it may take longer due to backlogs in their system. Once the transfer is processed, the ownership of your plot of land (called 'the title') is searchable on the registry.