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About Us

Land Assets was founded with a fervent belief in the long term prospects of rural land. With a finite supply, freehold land is a safe, unique and ultimately appealing asset for investors who have a longer outlook on their portfolio. Rural land is an ideal way to diversify a portfolio especially in times of record high equity prices and uncertainty with fiat currency.

All land offered on Land Assets is always offered freehold to the buyer in absolute terms. We carefully purchase from landowners who are in need of liquidity quickly, often due to extraneous circumstances such as bankruptcy, retirement, or a fulfilment of obligations during economic downturns.

Our ultimate aim is to help interested investors with patience invest more easily and directly in land, without having to take on counter-party risk, rely on REITs or deal with complicated ownership splits.


Our Team

Katerina Yip

Co-Founder is co-founded by Katerina who studied law at the University of Durham and subsequently the University of Law in York before working in e-commerce.

Having started with helping one individual with their land purchase, our main goal is to help people who have a long horizon on their investments and have an equal belief in the long term prospects of rural land. We do this by offering the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by directly investing in land, freehold, without having to be too exposed to one large individual plot, or going through a negotiation process only to leave empty handed.

We are always on the lookout for more plots to buy; if this is of interest to you, please contact us with what you have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.