COVID-19 Update: Due to an increase in land owners seeking immediate liquidity, response times may be slightly affected. More info.

Diversify your portfolio today

COVID-19 economic crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the global economy. We buy land in larger plots from land owners in need of urgent liquidity.

A limited supply

There is only a finite supply of land and more is not being produced. As a result, land is a safe, unique and ultimately appealing asset for investors looking to reap rewards in the long term. 

In addition, continued population growth (1.08% globally in 2019), an increase in remote work, and advancements in self-driving car technology and personal drone transportation are just some of the reasons why investors consider adding rural land to their portfolios.

Inflation protected

With record high stimulus packages being rolled out across the world, and fiat currency being printed at an unprecedented rate, rural land offers excellent protection against inflation. 

Freehold land

All land that is sold on is freehold land. This is not a REIT, nor is ownership split. There is no counterparty risk, no management fees, no ground rents and service charges. 

Tax Efficient

Rural land also offers one of the most efficient tax rates available. In a number of locations, including Scotland, there is in fact no annual property tax at all on rural land.